Brush PantaRei “Wide Stripes ITALIAN BarberPole”

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Ispired by classic BarberPole theme but with Wide Stripes…but with italian flag colors.

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Ispired by classic BarberPole theme but with Wide Stripes… but with italian flag colors.

All images are for illustrative purposes only.
Each PantaRei production is the result of a 100% handicraft job, which is why they may indicate a slight difference in the finished product.

As a handcrafted piece made to order, the approximate delivery time is 40 working days, starting with the commissioning of the order.

forma manico\handle shape

Barrel Shape, Bulb Shape, Cylindrical Shape, Faux Slim Shape, Pear Shape, Slim Shape


Black Syntetic, Horse, Manchurian Badger, Mustang, Pork Bristle, Silvertip Badger, Syntetic Badger


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