Shaving Brush PantaRei LITHOS #7


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New line, PantaRei “LITHOS”. Porfido Brush.

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New line, PantaRei “LITHOS”.

This specimen, unique of its kind, is the result of an artisanal processing of a small river pebble originally round and smooth (Porphyry), river stone ORIGIN SICILY.

Handcrafted creations entirely by PantaRei.

This specimen mounts a 25mm Manchurian badger tuft. Ready to ship. Glossy finish (vernish).

Handle size 5.00 x 3.50 cm,

All images are included for illustrative purposes only.
Each PantaRei production is the result of 100% artisanal work, for this reason they can show slight differences in the finished product.

Visual imperfections or other depend on the natural material, we guarantee the best possible finish made by hand considering the technical and physical possibilities of the material on which, from time to time, we decide to create.


Black Syntetic, Horse, Manchurian Badger, Mustang, Pork Bristle, Silvertip Badger, Syntetic Badger


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