PantaRei Marrakech 150gr. Shaving Soap


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You leave that neighborhood and a few days later you find yourself flooded with a light so bright, so full and even brutal that you are shocked. And there is not only this overwhelming light, there is also nature, the colors and scents of grass, trees, flowers, the sea … You are elsewhere, you have crossed the border of the imagination.
(Tahar Ben Jelloun)

PantaRei Marrakech shaving soap, made with MAROCCAN ROSE ABSOLUTE, OUD with hints of Jasmine and Saffron, is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Its exclusive craftsmanship, in fact, thanks also to the presence of unsaponifiable olive oil, shea butter and jojoba oil, makes a thick and very protective cream on assembly, giving the shaving a particular protection and a particular smoothness to the blade.

Each component of the soap has been designed to provide a sensory experience of total immersion in the act of pleasure that today is the moment of shaving.

PantaRei Marrakech: for the modern man tied to the pleasure of an ancient gesture.


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